Eco-printing on Paper eBook
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Eco-printing on Paper eBook

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Would you like to try eco-printing but don't want to experiment on expensive materials like silk and wool?  You may already be a seasoned eco-printer on textiles but would like to explore new techniques and reflective practice - this is the eBook that will take your eco-printing to a new level. 

No matter where you're at on your creative journey this beautiful eBook will show you how to eco-print on paper using materials from your garden or kitchen, and ways to use your paper - from cards to making meaningful art books.

This beautifully photographed, 100+ page eBook covers:  

~ Why we love eco-printing on paper and you will too (it is our favourite medium)

~ Gathering materials - everything you'll need for your eco-printing kit

~ A selection of plants to get you started and the colours they impart on paper (Eucalyptus, deciduous leaves, herbs and weeds, ferns, bracken and vegetable matter - you don't have to be in Australia to get the most out of this book!)

~ Setting up colours - including grey/black, blue, greens, maroon and gold/yellow dye baths

~ Selecting and preparing your art paper 

~ Specific techniques you can use to get great prints

~ Using reflective practice and art therapy techniques for personal growth

~ Many ways to use your eco-printed works + stories from students and how they use the techniques in their lives.

* skills learned from this resource can also be applied to silk or wool.

Our ebook will companion you for many dye pots to come and we look forward to seeing your results.

Once downloaded, the 16mb PDF document can be read immediately in iBooks, Kindle and more.

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