About eco-printing

Eco-printing is a close contact printing technique where plant material - leaves, flowers, ferns and vegetable matter are layered between textiles or paper, wrapped up tightly and heated in various ways to impart colour.

The process is slow.  We begin by sustainable gathering of the plant material, sometimes windfall leaves, sometimes from our land and dye gardens.  Leaves and flowers can be used straight away and are mostly best when used fresh.  Some eucalyptus leaves can be soaked for weeks or months and still keep their beautiful colours when printed.

We arrange leaves and other plants onto the scarves or garments, wrap tightly between silk, wool and watercolour paper, roll tightly around salvaged metal, wrap with string and put into dye pots to steam or simmer in more plant material.  The cooking process can take between and hour and several hours to get defined prints.

eco-printed bundles

Once the bundles have been cooked they remain in the dye pot overnight, sometimes for a week or more to develop their colour.  They are then removed to begin drying, and after a few days they are unwrapped with wonder, washed and prepared for you to adorn ~ exquisite pieces of wearable art.

Eco-printed wool


eco-printed silk scarf